Acrylic board

Product Description

Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:Taihe



Size:1220*1830mm 1220*2440mm 

product:acrylic sheet

colour:transparent,red,white,black,green,orang more than 100kinds of colour

raw material:100% virgin lucite mma

Quality:no fade colour for outdoor,easy bend andVacuum forming

Customized:size and colour can customized


weight:Less than half that of glass

Impact Resistance:6-17 times greater than glass

feature:Good mechanical performance


(1)Building construction:Windows, soundproof Windows, light shade, telephone booth, etc


(2)Advertising application:Light boxes, signs, signs, exhibition, etc


(3)Traffic application: trains, cars and other vehicles doors and Windows, etc


(4)Medical applications: infant incubator, all kinds of surgery medical equipment and


(5)Supplies: bath facilities, handicrafts, cosmetics, aquarium and so on


(6)Industrial application: instrument surface plate and the cover, etc


(7)Lighting applications: fluorescent lamp, droplight, street lamps, etc


(8)LED,Artwork,sanitary,furniture,decoration,door and window cover.


(1)Excellent transparency. 


(2)Good mechanical performance.                                                                           


(3)Good electrical insulation.   


(4)Stable and durable.




(6)Superior impact resistance.. 


(7)Crack resistance.


(8)Superior weather resistance.


(9)UV light resistance.


(10)Chemical resistance.


(11)Stable color under outdoor exposure.

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