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  • pvc foam board in high-density for cabinets

    pvc foam board in high-density for cabinets

  • PVC foam board for advertisment

    PVC foam board for advertisment

what is the pvc foam board?

Jun 16, 2017

Pvc foam board introduction,feature and characteristic,what's the pvc foam sheet applications?


PVC foam board,also called Forex board and Sintra board, is a new type of environmental protective plastic material instead of woods and steels.Its main material is PVC, shaped through foaming and pressing with additives. It covers not only the features of wood plast but also itself's other features.the main composition is Polyvinyl chloride,so it is also called Polyvinyl chloride board.It is widely used the interior of the bus,train,container,the decoration board for the home, the building wall board, advertisement,furniture,construction etc.


Size:915X1830mm, 1220x2440mm,1560x3050mm,2050x3050mm,also can be produced as per the customersrequirement.




PVC foam board feature:



2.Heat preservation

3.Excellent insulated.



6.Light weight

7.Fire retardant and self-extinguishing

8.Tough,rigid with the high impact strength

9.Good plasticity,being and excellent thermal forming material.

10.Easy to clean and maintain.

11.The same processing as the wood, and the processing performance is far superior to the wood

12.It is the ideal substitute for wood, aluminum and composite board.


PVC foam board characteristic:


1.PVC foam board, has the performance of sound insulation, sound absorption, heat insulation etc.


2.PVC foam board has fire retardant, can self-extinguish fire, can be used safely.


3.The PVC foaming board is moisture proof and the performance that does not absorb water, and the shockproof effect is good.


4.PVC foaming plates colour and luster are not easily aged,

5.PVC foam board is light, storage and construction are very convenient.


6.PVC foam board can be processed as same as the wood processing machine and as same as the wood for drilling, sawing, nail, gouging, sticking and so on.


7.The PVC foam board can be applied to heat forming, heating bending and folding processing.


8.The PVC foam board can be welded according to the general welding procedure, and can be attached to other PVC material.


9.PVC foam board is smooth and easy to print and used widely in advertisement.

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