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  • pvc foam board in high-density for cabinets

    pvc foam board in high-density for cabinets

  • PVC foam board for advertisment

    PVC foam board for advertisment

WPC board

Dec 21, 2016

Introdution of WPC board:

WPC board also called wood plastic composite, is a new kind of composite material which is populars in domestic and overseas market recent years. The main raw material is PVC and add the wood powder,Resin adhesive mixed together and made into a kind of new wood materials,proceed by Extrusion, molding, injection molding and other plastic processing technology,made into wood plastic board(WPC board).It is widly applied to furniture,construction,outdoor decorations.

Testing Item Testing Result

Thickness 1-40mm

Width         1220,1560,2050

Length         as requirement

Color         as requirement

Density         0.45-1.0 g/cm3

Tensile Strength 12-20 MPa

Bending Intensity 12-18 MPa

Bending elasticity Modulus 800-900 MPa

Impcting Intensity 8-15 KJ/m2

Breakage Elongation 15-20 %

Shore hardness D. 45-50D

Water Absorption Rate ≤1.5 %

VicaT Softening Point 73-76 ºC

Fire Resistance Self-Extinguishing Less than 5 seconds

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